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Develop a winning financial strategy to manage your business by getting relief from your time consuming bookkeeping tasks and learning how to understand and interpret your financial reporting. Have confidence in your books as we concentrate on timeliness and accuracy and put your business and goals first. Professional bookkeeping service leads to a smooth process for tax preparation. Our tax preparation service combined with bookkeeping service is a powerful package designed to make the financial management of your business stress free. Contact us today to start a new business or transition an existing business to accounting that finally makes sense.


  • Fast electronic filing and direct deposit of your refund.
  • Secure portal to upload your tax documents, review & sign your completed return, and pay online. No visit to the office necessary!
  • If you prefer, easy drop off of your tax documents with no appointment necessary.
  • Friendly, personal service, around all year just in case you have any tax issues that show up after you've filed your return.
  • If needed, an appointment time is set for an overview and signing of completed return - no long lines!
  • Fast completion time, simple returns are often ready the next day.


  • Although we handle the simplest of tax returns, we cater to individuals and small businesses whose income tax return has become too complicated for self-preparation.
  • Secure portal upload/retrieval of confidential documents.
  • Our professional tax preparation software combined with our years of experience can handle tax returns with unique tax situations.


  • We file regular C Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership returns as well.
  • These returns consist of four to five page returns with many schedules and attachments and we have the software and experience to handle it all.
  • We calculate your depreciation and year-end accounting adjustments for you.


  • An estate is a legal entity that holds title to a decedent's probate property from the date of death until the property is distributed to the heirs.
  • Form 1041, an Income Tax Return for the estate (not an Estate return), must be filed for estates that have $600 or more gross income in the tax year. Don't overlook this filing requirement if you are the estate representative.
  • Trusts are legal arrangements under which legal title to property is held by one party for the benefit of another.
  • Form 1041 must be filed for Trusts that have any taxable income or gross income of $600 or more.


  • We offer tax planning services that help you anticipate your income tax due or refund for the coming year.
  • Be proactive and learn how to manage your tax return.
  • The June timeframe is the best time to take a look at where you are for the current year because there is still enough time left in the year to make adjustments to your withholding or make other changes that will lower your income tax that will be due at tax time or even plan for a refund!
  • Please give us a call and schedule an appointment for this very affordable service that will give you a great peace of mind about your income taxes.

BOOKKEEPING AND PAYROLL SERVICE In addition to income tax preparation for both individuals and small businesses, we also offer bookkeeping and payroll preparation for small businesses. It is our goal to provide you with an accurate income tax return, and/or complete accounting of your business income and expenses, and friendly, efficient service. Pricing is based on your needs. Give us a call for a quote.

QUICKBOOKS PRO ADVISOR We use QuickBooks Online in our firm. We've found that it is user friendly, has great flexibility to suit your needs, and most of all, it is affordable. You can decide how much data entry you want to do at your level and we take care of the rest.

For expert, affordable, service with a personal touch from an accountant and staff that cares about you, choose Pamela J. Craine, C.P.A.

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